Thursday, September 7, 2017

Necklaces from recycled t-shirts.

While visiting my daughter in America I came across a wonderful organization called re-threaded that is based in Jacksonville FL and creates jobs for women rescued from the sex trade.  I love to support companies like that, that empower women who in the past have felt that they have no other options.  I purchased some items from them, and looking at the necklaces that they make from t-shirts I wondered about making them myself here in Australia.    I intend to donate 5% of my earnings back to them since that is where I first got the idea.
This is what I am making, and will sell them here on my blog and once a month at the markets here in tropical north Queensland. They are so comfortable and light to wear, you can twist them, double them up, clip on brooches or fabric roses.  I am really loving this new craft I have discovered!

All necklaces are made from santized recycled t-shirts and/ or t shirt material.       Handmade right  here in tropical North Queensland.  

Sensory necklaces for Mum and Bub.  Something for baby to tug on, play with, grab.

Completely machine washable - each necklace comes with its own little gift/wash bag.

Buck the trend - Reduce, RE-use, recycle.

A simple t-shirt can cost less than a cup of coffee but uses 2700L of drinking water to produce (enough for one person/yr)
95% of all clothing thrown away could have been recycled.
Australians throw away enough clothes each year to completely fill an enormous football stadium twice over!

Necklaces are AU$15.00 each or two for AU$20.00, plus postage. Bracelets are AU$5.00 each and if you bring me two use-able t-shirts you get a free bracelet!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rag quilt

This is the rag quilt I made for my grandson - these are such fun.

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Heirloom Quilt finished

I have finished the quilt, and quite happy with it.  The center embroidery sampler goes back four generations.

Now we wait for the new baby to arrive, and my visit to see her. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Another baby on her way - another heirloom quilt to make

Three years ago I gathered together some of the old family linens and made an Heirloom quilt for my grandson.  Now my daughter is pregnant again, and this time I am using the more colourful pieces of emboridered linens.  I made a start on the quilt this Christmas holidays.

The sampler in the center was embroidered by my great grandmother, who was born in 1860 so would be the new baby's great great great grandmother.  At the moment her name is tiny tiny, due in May.  It is wonderful to be making something for this new little addition to our family.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Busy books for kids

I am starting to make a busy book for my grandson.  There are tons of ideas on the internet, but I think each one will boil down to what you have available, and what the childs interests are.
These are my first page started.

 Two pages facing -
Day.   You can move the sun behind the grey cloud and pull out the ribbon to make it rain.

 Night,  You put your toys in the toybox - am going to knit five little crocheted monkey finger puppets.  they you say goodnight Mr moon and unloop the buttons hoding back the curtains.

Road, the cars will move back and forth on a string threaded through two eyelets.

 House, You can lift the flap of the house to see Mommy Daddy and child.  Pull down the roof so see the cat hiding in the attic.  Peg the clothes on the line.

 Underwater, you unzip the pocket to place the fish and octopus and whale underwater.  The whale can also ride on top inserted into the waves.

 Sailboat, will have lacing down the middle that you can open up to see the bear inside.

 Frog, The fly is buzzing around the flower, when you pull the ribbon the frog pops out and tries to gobble him up, but he hides behind the flower.

 Farm, this fabric was sent to me for my blog hug quilt, but I think I will use a bit since it so perfect.  Farm animals in the backgorund and in the front will have different fabrics with slots that can have felt carrots inserted into them.  they can be pulled out and put into a crocheted basket.

This has been great fun, and so far I have just been creating the pages.  At first I thought they should be bound and placed back to back into a book. That is the way I have seen them done before.  I think they need some sort of stiffening, but dont want to make it all too heavy.  One thing I could do is insert a thin plastic folder to give each page some stability?  I am also wondering about making separate booklets for each double page, and then make a tote bag where they can all slot into.  This would be great for travelling and in that case you could just take one boolet at a time. .  Ideas?  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lets make blog hug quilts.

During the grow your blog party I came across Annett who lives in Germany and made this wonderful quilt from fabrics she collected from her fellow postcrossing participants.  She agreed that I could post a photo of the quilt.

Below every square she had the name and the country of who had sent her the piece, and I just thought this would be  a wonderful thing to do to represent my blogger friends from all around the world.  A blog hug quilt!  Would anyone like to participate in this?
 I like the idea of strip quilts, and could put the name of the blogger or friend represented underneath each strip.  I purchased a bunch of flat fats in an assortment of florals in anticpation.
 I think a quilt with three rows of strips finished 10" or 25cm square would make a nice little lap quilt.  The names could either be added in the middle of the square or underneath it. Also it needs to be cotton so that the squares all sew together easily.   I am not a proficient quilter, so need to make it as easy as possible!

I would love to have a quilt showcasing how far and wide the readers of my blog are.  Let me know how you would like your name on the quilt (name of blog or your name, and country)
If you would like to make one as well I will send a piece from Australia!  Let me know the size you would like.  is another idea, for either idea I would like 11" or 30cm squares.

sign up here to participate

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Silk scarves - setting paint in the sun

At last I did some of my sunpainting on silk scarves.  I had a friend around and we each made one and then I used up the excess paint to do a final one and that turned out to be my favorite.  This was the first one I made.  Black and green, with cardboard butterflies and ferns from the garden.  The other one was similar, but with pink and green..
 with the leftover paint I think I laid it on thicker and put it out into the sun while it was wetter.
 that one in fact worked the best!
 the shapes came out much clearer and I think the color is brighter.
 this is the first one finished - the ferns left an imprint but the cardboard butterflies did nothing - interesting.
 Look at the amazing detail from the plumbago flowers even though they were so light and delicate.
 I used setacolor transparent paints, and a couple of things I learned were:
put the item out in the sun asap - this makes the color brighter.
Use natural items out of the garden - not cardboard designs.
Have you done anything like this before?

I got my supplies from  - they have not given me any discounts or rewards for recommending them.  It is a great site - they have  a lot of tutorials and advice and I found there prices and delivery very satisfactory.