Thursday, September 7, 2017

Necklaces from recycled t-shirts.

While visiting my daughter in America I came across a wonderful organization called re-threaded that is based in Jacksonville FL and creates jobs for women rescued from the sex trade.  I love to support companies like that, that empower women who in the past have felt that they have no other options.  I purchased some items from them, and looking at the necklaces that they make from t-shirts I wondered about making them myself here in Australia.    I intend to donate 5% of my earnings back to them since that is where I first got the idea.
This is what I am making, and will sell them here on my blog and once a month at the markets here in tropical north Queensland. They are so comfortable and light to wear, you can twist them, double them up, clip on brooches or fabric roses.  I am really loving this new craft I have discovered!

All necklaces are made from santized recycled t-shirts and/ or t shirt material.       Handmade right  here in tropical North Queensland.  

Sensory necklaces for Mum and Bub.  Something for baby to tug on, play with, grab.

Completely machine washable - each necklace comes with its own little gift/wash bag.

Buck the trend - Reduce, RE-use, recycle.

A simple t-shirt can cost less than a cup of coffee but uses 2700L of drinking water to produce (enough for one person/yr)
95% of all clothing thrown away could have been recycled.
Australians throw away enough clothes each year to completely fill an enormous football stadium twice over!

Necklaces are AU$15.00 each or two for AU$20.00, plus postage. Bracelets are AU$5.00 each and if you bring me two use-able t-shirts you get a free bracelet!

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