Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Bringing the forest into the living room!

 For a while I have been trying to bring more plants into the living room.  We have three big sliding glass doors in the living room so you can see my lovely tropical garden from every angle.  I hung a macrame hanger in front of window, and borught in more pot plants.  Some of which didnt like the transfer from my garden to inside!

I mulled over it was that I wanted - actual plants? or did I want something different on the walls?  Huge sunflower posters? Wallpaper?  I just didnt know, all I knew was that I needed a change. We had just purchased  new living room furniture.  Dark grey, a safe colour with the silver grey curtains, and pale yellow walls. In the meantime, I began to wash down the walls, and curtains, and remove clutter.  

  It was very timely to recieve an offer from a wonderful company in Sweden called Photowall. 

 Check them out here: https://www.photowall.com

They offered to send me a product so that I could review it on my blog.  Ohmigosh - the choices!  I knew that I wanted a nature theme, but did I want wallpaper or a canvas print or a wall hanging?  

There are lots of different articles and ideas - how to make little baskets for your office equipment from  leftover wallpaper - or a garland of rosettes!   Gosh I certainly came away with all sorts of wonderful ideas!  

In the end I ordered a canvas print of a forest scene.  Thinking I would put it behind the couch and it would seem like a window looking out to the forest.  I ordered a long narrow print, thinking that I did not want it to be overwhelming.   Considering it came all the way from Norway it arrived very quickly. Very well packaged in a long box.   Immediately I could see the quality of the product.

I laid it out on the table out in the garden, and followed the instructions on how to put it together.  Placing the wooden frames along each edge and then turning them inside to stretch and lock the frame in place. 

There are hinges that fit in each corner and some very easy to use screws to screw it all into place.  Everything lined up perfectly.  I am so very impressed by the quality.
So I flipped it over and took it inside and hung it up where I had orginially intended it to go.   Bearing in mind that I had never measured the area, or put much thought into how it would fit I was not too surprised  to see that it was not going to  work where the hangers from my other pictures had been or even directly above the couch.

The other place I had thought it might fit was above the TV, and immediately we both thought that was the best place for it!   I love how it fits in with the plants that I have being bringing in from the garden, and now there is something lovely to look at even when the TV is off!   It was so easy to hang with the little hanging bracket provided.   
Now I looked back at the area behind the couch and decided to hang the same pictures up on the wall.  Batiks that I purchased when visiting Tanzania, which bring back lots of lovely memories.   

I still feel I need something else on that wall.  These pictures were hung up when we first moved in because there were two nails in the wall.  It always worries me though that things should come in threes.  I feel I need something to the right of these pictures.  Should I install a series of boxes down the side of that wall next to the batiks?  Should I add a strip of wallpaper?  A macrame tree of life?   What would you suggest?   

Photowall havve been very generous, and offered my readers a wonderful discount, will you tkae up their offer?   Do you have any suggestions that I could add to that wall?   

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