Sunday, January 24, 2016

Busy books for kids

I am starting to make a busy book for my grandson.  There are tons of ideas on the internet, but I think each one will boil down to what you have available, and what the childs interests are.
These are my first page started.

 Two pages facing -
Day.   You can move the sun behind the grey cloud and pull out the ribbon to make it rain.

 Night,  You put your toys in the toybox - am going to knit five little crocheted monkey finger puppets.  they you say goodnight Mr moon and unloop the buttons hoding back the curtains.

Road, the cars will move back and forth on a string threaded through two eyelets.

 House, You can lift the flap of the house to see Mommy Daddy and child.  Pull down the roof so see the cat hiding in the attic.  Peg the clothes on the line.

 Underwater, you unzip the pocket to place the fish and octopus and whale underwater.  The whale can also ride on top inserted into the waves.

 Sailboat, will have lacing down the middle that you can open up to see the bear inside.

 Frog, The fly is buzzing around the flower, when you pull the ribbon the frog pops out and tries to gobble him up, but he hides behind the flower.

 Farm, this fabric was sent to me for my blog hug quilt, but I think I will use a bit since it so perfect.  Farm animals in the backgorund and in the front will have different fabrics with slots that can have felt carrots inserted into them.  they can be pulled out and put into a crocheted basket.

This has been great fun, and so far I have just been creating the pages.  At first I thought they should be bound and placed back to back into a book. That is the way I have seen them done before.  I think they need some sort of stiffening, but dont want to make it all too heavy.  One thing I could do is insert a thin plastic folder to give each page some stability?  I am also wondering about making separate booklets for each double page, and then make a tote bag where they can all slot into.  This would be great for travelling and in that case you could just take one boolet at a time. .  Ideas?  


Joyful said...

You have a lot of energy and talent to make these tactile toys. I'm sure your grandchild loves them all. They are so cute.

africanaussie said...

they are really fun to make, and give the kids pleasure for years.