Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lets make blog hug quilts.

During the grow your blog party I came across Annett who lives in Germany and made this wonderful quilt from fabrics she collected from her fellow postcrossing participants.  She agreed that I could post a photo of the quilt.

Below every square she had the name and the country of who had sent her the piece, and I just thought this would be  a wonderful thing to do to represent my blogger friends from all around the world.  A blog hug quilt!  Would anyone like to participate in this?
 I like the idea of strip quilts, and could put the name of the blogger or friend represented underneath each strip.  I purchased a bunch of flat fats in an assortment of florals in anticpation.
 I think a quilt with three rows of strips finished 10" or 25cm square would make a nice little lap quilt.  The names could either be added in the middle of the square or underneath it. Also it needs to be cotton so that the squares all sew together easily.   I am not a proficient quilter, so need to make it as easy as possible!

I would love to have a quilt showcasing how far and wide the readers of my blog are.  Let me know how you would like your name on the quilt (name of blog or your name, and country)
If you would like to make one as well I will send a piece from Australia!  Let me know the size you would like.  is another idea, for either idea I would like 11" or 30cm squares.

sign up here to participate


Nanette said...

Hi Gillian...I sent off some fabric last week for your blog hug quilt....hope it's arrived ok and will fit in nicely with your plans.

Joyful said...