Sunday, September 19, 2010

bedskirt done

Had some time over the weekend so I made the bed skirt
I used an old single bed sheet which was just the perfect size.   I only had to cut the top section off and hem it, and then I measured the three sides and cut the fabric one and a half times that length.  I hemmed the bottom and sides and then did a row of gathering stitch around the top.  Then I evenly gathered it and pinned it onto the sheet, zigzagged the edge and it was done.  I purposely made it so that the top piece is a little smaller than the exact size  - this makes the fabric fall nicely and you don't see the join.   

I am quite happy with it and it looks good too with the plain white quilt I often use.  Next project is the duvet cover!

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retriever said...

Very lovely, love much, greeting from Belgium