Friday, August 20, 2010

Duvet cover

While in NYC visiting my younger daughter I couldnt resist buying this wonderful embroidered taffeta. We shopped on Jamaica avenue in Queens - what a selection, and the prices were wonderful.

 I think it matches the curtains so well, and the green will brighten it up a bit.  I intend to make a bedskirt with the green - lightly gathered rather than pleats.  The duvet cover will hang down about halfway down the side.
Here is a mtore detailed look at the fabrics....

Now the question - do I have a seam up the middle and make
1. the entire duvet out of the burgundy, maybe
2. with a green outline, or have a
3. stripe of the green going down the middle? 
I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

as you can see from the first photo - we can see out to the garden, and I have those lovely sheers with a foresty feel - I want the room to look as though you are already in the garden, so think this fabric suits that idea perfectly. What do you think?


Mary said...

It looks really great!
I think it would look nice if you cut the red into four pieces, and then had green in between them, and around the edges of the duvet.

africanaussie said...

I like that idea Mary, but wonder if I should have the green all the way around the edge, since it will be resting up against the skirt anyway which is green.

Hawa Cookiemom said...

Yes, I think that a green outline will turn out great. Mary's idea will make the burgundy stand out more and will be quite lovely too. Hmmm....I miss sewing...