Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silk painting lesson 1

I attended my first silk painting class today, and boy am I hooked!   This particular type of paint does not require the painting of gouche to stop color running and comes in the most amazing array of colors.  

First of all we started with a piece of dry silk and a strong color strength. I did the center pink in the strong color and then the blue in the corner, but decided to have it weakened after that. This was an experiment to see what the paint does on dry silk and how it flows/ does not flow. It is free form with bits of cotton wool dipped into the paint and swept over the fabric.

 next we tried a bit of color on dry silk (the green)  and then wet the fabric and added more colors.
 This is the detail of how the color that was applied to dry silk flows into the wet color.
 I was of course (as usual) the student always trying to "design" something and was told to try to loosen up and just apply the colours in stripes with no design in mind just to experiment. 
 then three different colors were applied to wet silk that had been lifted up to allow air bubbles to form underneath.  This creates distinct lines around the eges which I liked the effect of.
 Next the instuctor chose four random colors and said to just lay them on the wet fabric and see what appeared.  Honestly I couldnt beleive it (nor could she) when  a dolphin appeared!  All I had to add was  the eye :)
end of lesson part 1 - I cant wait for the next lesson!


Mary Slavkin said...

Those are indeed so cool!I especially like the one with the air bubbles underneath. :)

africanaussie said...

Order taken and duly noted....:)

Stephanie said...

I like your craft projects! I hope you will be inspired to do more from the classes you are going to attend soon.

Sorry about your lettuce chewed by catepillars. But the rest of your crops are looking great :-D

Frugal Down Under said...

Can you email me? I can't seem to find your email in you profile.

Natural Aroma Handmade Soaps said...

wow, such beautiful colours, you're so clever!